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Life and the cosmos give powerful scientific evidence of design. However, determined censors in academia wield their influence to halt research on ID and to punish scientists who have made the case for intelligent design. What can you do to get involved right now?

With your donation to Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture you do two extremely important things. First, you help in a very direct way to advance the cutting-edge science of ID, of which Discovery Institute is the world's leading supporter. Second, you come to the aid of beleaguered pro-ID scientists, shielding them from the Darwinist enforcers in the academic world who threaten the livelihood of any scholar who openly questions Darwinian dogma.

Make your tax-deductible donation before the end of this year - ANY AMOUNT HELPS!

For $150 or more you'll also receive a copy of Illustra Media's documentary "Flight: The Genius of Birds" (fair market value $16). If you give at this amount be sure that the "Click for Premium Gift" box is selected to insure that we include your gift.

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