Evolution News and Science Today (EN) is part of the larger efforts of the Center for Science and Culture to reach hundreds of thousands of people with the truth of intelligent design. By making a generous gift, you can not only support our work on EN, you make a big difference in our other 2017 projects:

• You can extend the reach of intelligent design into the southern hemisphere by supporting the establishment of a branch of Discovery Institute at a major university in South America.

• You can mentor and equip a new group of young scientists from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America through our 2017 summer seminars.

• You can reach millions of Evolution News readers and social media users with the powerful message of intelligent design.

• You can bring about the publication of path-breaking new books, including Zombie Science, biologist Jonathan Wells’ long-awaited sequel to his blockbuster Icons of Evolution.

• You can enable intelligent design research projects by scientists at universities around the world as part of our ID 3.0 initiative.

Are you ready to change the status quo in science and renew our culture? By partnering with us, you can change the future!

Even more important, you can bring hope to a new generation of young people who desperately need it.

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DONATION PREMIUM: Through February, those who donate $200 or more will receive the newly released Darwin’s House of Cards, a fascinating history of the modern evolution debate by veteran journalist Tom Bethell (fair market value $18).

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